In Less Than A second
Synopsis & Authorís Bio

    In Less Than A Second is the story of a young woman who was recently involved in a car accident. She tries a meditation from a metaphysical teacher to relieve her pain and during the course of this meditation something unusual happens and she finds that she has been transported to a distant planet.

    The planet, called the Anchor Reorientation Center, is run by an alliance of interstellar races called The Universal Brotherhood, who have the ability to scan and manipulate time. When she arrives she is assigned a Facilitator called Aranon, who with the Reorientation Center's Director, Dorn, draw up a pact that will guide them through what they call her reorientation process.

    She also learns that others from Earth have come to Anchor as well and then, after reorientation, have been returned to Earth with new insight and the tools to assist the planet Earth in averting a future interstellar calamity that originates on Earth itself.


    Kerry Dennis lives in Sun City, AZ where she cared for her aging parents until their death in 2008. Although this book is written as a Sci-Fi novel, it contains personal experiences that the author has learned, through the writing of it, to accept and to grow from, both emotionally and spiritually. The book was completed in 2002, but the author chose to put off publishing it until her parents passed on, for reasons that may become apparent to you as you read it.

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